At Home Teeth Straightening Options Such as Byte and Candid

Byte and Candid are two of the most recent teeth straightening options to hit the market. In this overview we compare the key differences that should be used to decide whether Byte or Candid is the optimal teeth straightening option.

Byte is a newcomer in the world of aligners, but its effectiveness is putting it ahead in the industry among top-performing brands. It consists of an online brand that delivers clear teeth aligners that is custom-fit to your home. These aligners are quite similar to the Invisalign. The materials of Byte consist of smooth, transparent plastic that fit perfectly into your teeth’s contours. You don’t have to make a single trip to your dentist with this treatment.

Byte Reviews stands out from other clear aligners brands for two important factors. First, they use a vibration technology of high frequency. HyperByte consists of a smart vibration machine that makes the treatment process quicker, easier, and comfortable. It enables you to finish the treatment in just three months. Secondly, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can obtain it in the future free of charge if your teeth are ever-shifting.

How Do Byte Aligners Work?

The treatment plan of Byte is quite simple. You will receive an impression kit in your mail, accompanied by all the necessary instructions. It requires you to execute the impressions by yourself or take the help of a friend. After that, you need to mail them back the impressions. The licensed orthodontists under Byte will review your teeth model. Then they will create the aligner for your teeth and give you a customized treatment plan.

The doctors will also keep a check on the progress you are making remotely throughout the process. They will send you your aligner set once they receive your impressions. You have to wear each aligner for a week, dispose of it, and move to the next one. This entire system is super simple to follow up at all times. Patients need to utilize the HyperByte machine every day for five minutes.

This special vibrational mouthpiece has a design that fits perfectly inside your teeth and promotes bone movement. Byte has two treatment plans at present – One consists of clear aligners that you need to wear all day long and the other at night only. You need to wear them twice as long, so you get your treatment done at the earliest.

This custom-built treatment plan is going to be different for everyone. But on average, the every-day wearers utilize the plan for about three months. But the night users need to use it twice as long compared to the former. Patients will also receive a free Byte retainer with their purchase, but many of them overlook this. It is just as important as the aligners. Make sure to wear it daily to avoid shits that undo the plan.

Byte Features

  • The Treatment procedure is simple and direct.
  • Vibration technology is of high frequency, which is included for free. Value stands at $900.
  • The average treatment duration goes up to three months.
  • It includes a cleaner, free retainers, and whitening too.
  • Nightly Byte option is also available for interested customers.
  • There are two payment options for patients.

How Do I Sign Up for Byte Aligners?

For creating a customized treatment plan, the orthodontists at Byte will need your teeth mold. The dentist will examine your teeth. For this, you will need to proceed in ordering an impression kit for taking out a 3D mold for your teeth from Byte. After you complete the impressions, you have to send it back to Byte.

In this way, your orthodontist will confirm if you are an eligible candidate for the treatment. And if you end up being eligible, they will come up with a personalized plan for treatment. Plus, they will even send you a sneak peek of your post dental treatment smile digitally. If you are satisfied with what you are seeing, then you can give them the green light to press forward with the treatment.

They will design and mail you the customized Byte aligner at the earliest. Remember that you can request personal tweaks to the proposed plan if there are some things that you don’t like. You have the power to exercise mini changes to your aligner. The pricing plans of Byte are:

  • Impression kit retails for $95.
  • The upfront cost of aligner retails for $1,895.
  • Aligners with the financing sell for $2,324.
  • Retainers sell for $99. However, the first one is free.

Pros & Cons of Byte


  • It is super affordable for everybody.
  • In-person orthodontist visitations aren’t required.
  • An easy to follow system-type.
  • The treatment duration is about three months.
  • Different payment options are available.
  • Deals up to 70% are available for the impression kit.


  • It doesn’t fit for extreme dental conditions.
  • The majority of the patients may prefer in-person examination and results.

Our Review for Candid Aligners

Everyone loves well-aligned and healthy teeth. However, treatments are often quite expensive. Additionally, using traditional braces can be difficult to deal with. With the Candid Aligner, you can now set these worries aside. Candid is a direct-to-consumer company bringing accessible and affordable options to straighten your teeth.

The aligners are not only “invisible” (clear) but can also be removed with ease. This makes them much easier to work with than traditional braces. In this Candid Aligner Review, we look at what is all that makes this product so amazing.

Product Overview for Candid Aligner Review

Candid Aligners are perfect for those who have mild to moderate orthodontic problems. The Candid Aligners adjust your teeth within six to eleven months. Candid works with expert orthodontists with over twenty years of experience.

Not only do they look over the initial process, but they also track your progress. This ensures the procedure is taking place correctly. Therefore, Candid for teeth straightening is an extremely reliable choice.