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Adult Braces

You’re never too old to have attractive and healthy teeth. These days about 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults. Some adult patients have never had braces and want to straighten their teeth for the first time. Some adults had braces in the past, but want to realign teeth that have shifted over the years since their initial treatment.

The process of straightening teeth for adults is the same as for kids – but there are some differences to think about.

Since you aren’t growing any more, changes to your bite are more difficult.

With teen patients, orthodontist can use natural growth to help make changes in how the upper and lower teeth bite together. Since adult patients aren’t growing, bite changes can be more difficult and may require jaw surgery. The good news is, most adults don’t need to change their bite, and aligning teeth is typically no more difficult for adults than it is for kids.

Adults are typically more interested in “aesthetic” orthodontic options.

Although some adults want the standard silver braces, most adults are more interested in the tooth colored, ceramic braces or Invisalign clear aligners, sometimes called “invisible braces”. Ceramic braces are less visible than silver braces, but have the same functionality.

Invisalign clear braces or “aligners” are even less noticeable and can work very well for most patients. Many adults like the added benefit of being able to remove their “invisible retainers” or more accurately “Invisalign aligners” when they eat and brush their teeth.

Whatever type of treatment you choose, braces aren’t just for kids anymore. Adults of all ages are now taking advantage the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Now is the time, and DaBell Orthodontics is the place for your adult braces!

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