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Braces for Kids

Many people are surprised to learn that kids should start seeing an orthodontist at age 7. Why age 7?

Age 7 is when the first set of permanent molars and most of the permanent front teeth should be in. There certain problems that should be corrected at this early age, but most 7 year olds don’t need braces. It is very important to monitor the growth and development of the teeth and jaws at this age and as children get older.

Early Treatment

When children who have some permanent teeth and some baby teeth (typically 7-10 year olds) need braces, this treatment is usually called Phase 1, Interceptive or Early Orthodontic Treatment. This type of treatment usually lasts 9 months to 1 year and has specific goals, like correcting a cross-bite or making more room for permanent teeth. This early treatment is almost always followed by another round of braces when all the permanent teeth grow in.

Full Treatment

When kids who have all their permanent teeth in (typically age 11 and older) need braces, this treatment is called Full or Comprehensive Treatment. If there was Phase 1 Treatment, it’s called Phase 2 Treatment. This usually involves a full set of upper and lower braces to align and position all the teeth in their ideally for a beautiful smile and a healthy functional bite.

Most children and teens opt for the tradition silver braces with the colors they can change at each appointment. Braces are cool! And for many kids it’s fun to be able to show them off. For those teens who aren’t interested in braces, there’s Invisalign Teen. More and more teens are deciding that Invisalign clear aligners are the way that they want to go through orthodontic treatment.

Getting braces at the right age is important to ensure the best long-term results. Investing in braces for your children sets them up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth.

At DaBell Orthodontics, we specialize in braces for kids of all ages and if you’re interested in clear braces or invisible braces head on over to our Invisalign page and learn about this great option.

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