Byte Teeth Straightening Reviews

You’ve decided to do something to correct your teeth. What’s next? Settle on a treatment plan that is painless, convenient, and budget-friendly, maybe? Enter Byte. It is more than just another invisible teeth aligner dental servicing company. What sets it apart from the crowd is that it uses a highly advanced technology called HyperByte to guarantee results that are faster by 2x. Most Byte teeth straightening reviews have these themes in common – quicker results, affordable prices, and a lifetime service guaranteed. 

How Byte Teeth Straightening Treatments Work (Byte Before and After)

Byte’s selling point is that customers can expect faster results by using their services. For instance, if it takes six months to fix a dental issue with a competitor, Byte challenges that they can deliver the same results in three. How Byte works is, you take impressions of your teeth at home and send it over to them. Their specialists analyze the results and assign you custom-made Byte aligners for a week. These aligners move your teeth, little by little. You switch aligners each week until you get the result you desire. 

HyperByte, which is a safe (HFV) High Frequency Vibrations technology, is responsible for Byte’s aligners doing the job at half the time it takes regular ones. Here, soft micropulses travel to the roots of your teeth and on to the surrounding bone. These vibrations are of high frequency, but they are gentle and reduce discomfort. They also help aligners sit better around the teeth. HyperByte promises up to a 64% increase in tooth rate movement and reduces discomfort even if you do it for just five minutes a day.

Byte aligners are ideal for candidates who want to achieve minor to moderate teeth alignment. They are also suitable for correcting dental issues such as spacing, crowding, gaps, or rotating and protruding teeth. The ideal duration to wear these aligners is 22 hours every day. In the case of Byte aligner pain/discomfort, use the HyperByte for about five to six minutes per day to soothe yourself.

Features That Distinguish Byte Aligners From Their Competition

Byte aligners use a medical-grade, BPA-free material. It’s also worth mentioning that their aligners are 88% more resistant to staining than their competitors’. Aligners from Byte are also significantly smoother than regular ones. Despite their smooth feel and appearance, Byte aligners are resistant to tearing and are high impact. It’s no wonder that Byte teeth straightening reviews are glowing.

It’s great that we, as a society, are deciding to leave metal braces in the past. They aren’t the most visually appealing aligners, and anyone who’s ever worn them knows they can be quite painful. It’s now time for invisible aligners to shine. And this is another area where Byte impresses with their impressively transparent aligners. 

How Do I Sign Up for Byte Teeth Straightening Treatment Plans?

The first step is to order your impression kit from Byte. It costs about $95. Take your teeth’s impression and mail it to their address. Back at the clinic, experts study the impression and use the findings to create a treatment plan for you. You are guaranteed a refund in case you don’t qualify as a candidate for their aligners. If you do qualify, you get to preview a 3D preview of your future new smile and get a walk-through of your treatment plan.

Once these details are finalized, you can make your payment. You can pay $1895 upfront or make monthly installments that go as low as $83 per month. When you order any Byte aligner kit, you also get a HyperByte device, teeth whitener, and medical-grade retainers with it. Byte currently carries two plans – day ($1895) and night ($2245). Day hours are longer, which means you’ll be wearing your aligners for longer than during the night. You may want to opt for the day pack if you want quicker results. Another thing to remember is that you don’t want to skip on wearing your retainers after treatment. They help set the teeth. 

The Pros & Cons of Byte Aligners


  • Byte houses a network of over 50 highly trained orthodontists.
  • You can expect treatment results two times faster with their aligners.
  • You receive a lifetime guarantee. By this, we mean you can avail of a new set of aligners at no cost if your teeth come out of alignment after a treatment.
  • Their prices are reasonable.
  • You can choose between day or night-time aligners.


  • There are currently no retail locations for scanning.
  • There is a 20% APR treatment cost on the Byte financing option. 


Which Is Better – Byte Vs. SmileDirectClub?

Byte offers quicker treatment time and a lifetime guarantee. On the pricing front, Byte and SmileDirectClub are more or less on the same level. 

Which is Better – Byte Vs. Invisalign?

Straight off the bat, Invisalign costs thousands ($5000 average cost) more than Byte treatments. Invisalign also requires up to 10 months of treatment time. However, Invisalign can correct practically any dental problem while Byte is ideal for mild to moderate cases.

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