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Lifetime Smile Guarantee

icon3Orthodontic Treatment is a big investment that has incredible value for the rest of your or your child’s life.  But if you’re going to invest this much, you want the comfort of knowing that your results will last.  The key to lasting results is wearing orthodontic retainers.  Without retainers, teeth can shift overtime.  Even with retainers, a small amount of shifting is possible, but without retainers it’s impossible to predict how much shifting can happen.  Proper retainer maintenance and timely retainer replacement is important to maintaining a beautiful orthodontic treatment result.

At DaBell Orthodontics, it’s important to us that your treatment results last a lifetime.  If you require re-treatment for any reason after your braces or Invisalign treatment is finished, we will put your braces back on or restart your Invisalign treatment* at no charge and re-align your teeth – all you pay is a monthly maintenance fee.

Some restrictions apply.  Please see details below.

  • After the teeth are realigned, replacement retainers will be required.
  • The first month fee and the cost of the replacement retainers is due before re-treatment is initiated.
  • Lifetime Guarantee applies only to patients who completed Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment.
  • Continuation of treatment is dependent on patient compliance.
  • The Orthodontist reserves the right to refuse to re-treat or discontinue treatment at any time.

* This Guarantee applies to Invisalign for 5 years from the initiation of Invisalign treatment.  After 5 years, additional lab fees will apply.

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